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Earls Court is an inner London area centered around the Earls Court Street. It is a quite small district, compared to its neighbours, population number oscilating around twelve thousand citizens. Earls Court Exhibition Centre is located in Earls Court, it is worth mentioning that it is one of the largest indoor arenas and concert venues in London. Many famous individuals used to live there, for example: Alfred Hitchcock, Lady Diana and Freddy Mercury among many others. It is also home to many successful, young and beautiful women that offer their services as escorts in Earls Court, hire yourself some company and smile when people turn their heads.

During ancient times, Earls Court used to be a rural area, part of the Kensington manor. In 1104 the first church in area was built, and the Earls Court Farm which was once a landmark got transformed into a tube station in recent years. What really jumpstarted the development in the area was a rail station built between 1865 and 1869, it has changed Earls Court completely, from a quiet rural area to a vibrant suburb with over a thousand houses and two churches.

After the second world war, there has been an influx of Polish immigrants that now form a significant community in Earls Court. In 1960s, a there was large increase in New Zealand and Australian immigrant that gave the name “Kangaroo Valley” to a part of the area. Not to call it a slum but it was the cheapest and worst looking area in Earls Court until late 90s.

The area is constantly changing because of the increase in property pricing, becoming more and more exclusive over the years but there is still a visible distinction between western and eastern Earls Court.

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