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A few positions currently opened in our London Escorts agency. If you live in London and you are currently looking for a job, this might be the right place for you. We are looking for young women, possibly students with a nice personality, good looking body and a smiling face.

Positive attitude is a big plus, when it comes to this line of work, as much as fit, pleasant to the eye kind of a body. If you spend a lot of your time working on your curves in the gym, you are into sports and you can be extremely flexible when needed, you found the right kind of a job. We expect our girls to be discreet, professional, good looking and open minded, different clients have different needs.

You would need to look good in lingerie, and of course even better naked, you also need to feel comfortable in any situation and be faily educated. Many of our clients could possibly hire you for a business dinner, or an evening in theatre or art gallery and we would not look good if he would be embarrassed by your company. You have to be eloquent, focused and you cannot be fazed by even the weirdest demands. We aim to form long lasting relationships with our client, we want them to become regulars and you are the face of our organization.

By now you must be wondering what can we offer YOU. Well, in the first place we offer a stable form of employment, with a very good compensation. Our girls can easily afford a high standard of living, all the fancy clothes, shelves of shoes and sexy underwear you could ever want can finally be yours.

You could save up for an apartment of your own, a car, whatever you want. Why not study further and get a diploma? Other pros we offer our employees include, safety of work, we make sure everything goes according to a plan and you do not get hurt in any way, flexible working hours, you work when you are available.

In case you are having trouble learning English, perhaps you just relocated to London, we organize tutoring for our girls, learn English while you are making money!

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