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Hammersmith is one of the western London districts. It is one of west Londons economical hubs, with significant employment centers, focused around its two tube stations. For a few decades now, Hammersmith has been known as a capital for polish minority in London.

The first parish church in Hammersmith was built in 1660s which later became known as St Pauls. It got completely rebuilt in 1883. In 1826 The Hammersmith Suspension Bridge was built across the Thames, it had to be rebuilt in 1893 because of structural weaknesses, in 1984–1985 and between 1997 and 2000 it received major support completely revamping its structure.

Hammersmith has thrived as an industrial area, until someone decided to close all the power plants and factories and redevelop the district so it would serve more commercial purposes.Hammersmith is filled with shops, many points of interest and attractions. Broadway Street is the main commercial area in Hammersmith, centered around a tube station and many office buildings.

The most crowded street in Hammersmith must be Kings Street, home of the world famous Kings Mall, Lyric Theatre, the Town Hall and many small businesses and shops plus two hotels and a cinema. Speaking of attractions and entertainment, you just cannot miss out on our escorts in Hammersmith, stunningly beautiful, sexy women just begging for you to take them on.

Apart from the Kings Street, Hammersmith is also home to many pubs, bars and nightclubs for the alcohol enthusiasts, rowing clubs for the sportsmen and Furnival Gardens park for the nature lovers. There is also the Ravenscourt Park, having attractions like tennis and basketball courts, bowling alleys and playgrounds for the toddlers.

If I would have to choose one attractions to see in whole Hammersmith, I would most likely pick The Dove, the oldest riverside pub in London, Ernest Hemingway used to be a regular. The second would be our agency, Hammersmith escorts are one of a kind, the best girls in London for the best price, playful women of all kinds, no matter how you like them, we got them.